Concrete tables and gaming tables include a group of park furniture and picnic furniture characterized by high resistance to weather the effects of actions and mechanical damage. Our tables are well made and have a large mass and are therefore resistant to vandalism and theft. Concrete elements of tables can be made of aggregates in different colors, making it easier for them to adjust to the environment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our current price offer contains much wider than the above-described range and their current prices (Request Pricing).
Table games
Concrete table games are very well made tables suitable for outdoor places, especially in places such as parks or housing estates, where local residents can take advantage of them. In our offer there are table tennis tables, tables for chess, table football, game tables in the Chinese or tables designed for card games. Tables for concrete social games like chess, Chinese or cards in the set are concrete benches or seats for the comfort of users. Available at our tables have the ability to anchor, but due to the large mass is usually not necessary.
tables Rest
Tables are perfect for a check in the parks, the squares and the other green ternach often like to choose where the whole family on a picnic, barbecue or just to to single joint air and spend time with your family. Tables Recreational characterized aesthetic performance but pleasing to the eye look. The base of the table is made of concrete while the top most of the wood, and in some models and also with concrete. Tables are equipped with benches or seats for greater comfort of their recipients.

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